Flasher – Tough Love

A flasher is a very short story about 200 words in length. Although they are short, they are still supposed to convey some amount of character development and plot.

The following flasher was featured on the ERWA Gallery website in July, 2013.


“I’m scared,” I whispered, stifling a sob.

Master Tom paused in his preparations to kiss my forehead. “I know you will get through it,” he murmured in my ear.

I thrashed my head gently back and forth. “No, it hurts too much, I can’t—“

I quieted as he ran his hand down my naked back, his touch momentarily calming my fear. “You will,” he assured me, then reached up one hand to grip my hands where they were tied above my head.

That hand held on tightly, keeping me upright and grounded, while his other hand brought the cane down on my naked ass.


I should have felt awkward the next morning, standing in a church, knowing full well that under my clothes the marks from the night before were turning my ass into one giant bruise. But the constant stream of people kept me from having to try to sit down.

“Your mother was so kind,” they said. “She was so loved,” they reminded me. “She will be missed,” they assured me.

I nodded to each of them wordlessly, while Tom stood next to me, gripping my hands tightly.


© Corvidae 2013
All rights reserved. No part of this work may be copied or distributed without express permission of the author.

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