Flasher – First Time at the Club

A flasher is a very short story about 200 words in length. Although they are short, they are still supposed to convey some amount of character development and plot.


She cast her eyes down as Victor walked past her desk. A light scent of expensive cologne drifted in his wake. She hated herself for having a crush on him, the most eligible bachelor in the office. His good looks and friendly confidence contrasted sharply with her frumpy awkwardness. Better she avoid him and spare herself the embarrassment.

Perhaps Liz was right; she should make more of an effort to push herself out of her shell. Try things she had always been curious about. She wasn’t getting any younger, after all. She may not deserve a Victor but perhaps there was someone else to discover through a new adventure.

Three weeks later, she followed Liz into the club for the first time, her heart pounding in time to the music, her torso wrapped in a borrowed corset. She worked her way through the crowd, squeezing past bodies clad in leather and skin, when a light hand on her arm suddenly stopped her.

“Jeneanne,” a voice said. A familiar scent crept into her nostrils, overpowering the musk of the crowd. Heart in her throat, she turned and saw Victor standing there smiling at her.


© Corvidae 2013
All rights reserved. No part of this work may be copied or distributed without express permission of the author.

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