Flasher – Oneupsmanship

A flasher is a very short story about 200 words in length. Although they are short, they are still supposed to convey some amount of character development and plot.


Erin’s back arched as she came, mouth open in a silent scream of joy and release. Mark finished soon after, burying his face against her neck, gasping as he thrust into her. They lay quietly for a moment, breathing softly as their heartbeats slowed. Mark kissed the curve of her neck. She smiled and reached up to stroke his hair.

Erin shifted slightly, peering over the curve of Mark’s shoulder. Her eyes met the gaze of her boyfriend, sitting naked in a chair at the foot of the bed. “How long was that, babe?”

He smiled at her. “Fifteen minutes.” He stood up and walked around the bed, idly stroking his cock. “Now, I am *positive* I can do better…”

Mark snorted into her neck. “Yeah right, Jace,” came his muffled reply.  “I’ve never seen any girl come faster than that without using oral.”

“Mmm,” Jace replied noncommittally as he climbed onto the bed next to them. “Well, whenever milady is ready, I would be thrilled to prove you wrong.”

Erin grinned, then reached around Mark to clasp Jace’s hand. “So would I.”


© Corvidae 2013
All rights reserved. No part of this work may be copied or distributed without express permission of the author.

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