Mooning Over A Girl

I am (unfortunately) pretty straight, but that doesn’t stop me from having girl-crush on the writer and sex educator Allison Moon. I first saw her when she was a co-presenter at a sex education talk given with her partner, Reid Mihalko.  Later I ran into her at a science fiction writing convention. I learned there that we have friends in common, which just about blew my mind (who would have thought that the local sex-positive community would be so incestuous?) Because of our shared interests and connections, I decided to support her developing writing career by checking out her Tales of the Pack books about lesbian werewolves (Lunatic Fringe is the first book, and Hungry Ghost is the second). Even though I am not a lesbian (and, last I checked, not a werewolf either) I highly enjoyed the books. I was drawn to her characters and sensual writing style. I have even used the latter as an inspiration to deepen the sensuality of my own work.

I recently heard of a new project she has in the works that’s part comic book, part erotica, and part sexual education manual. It focuses on lesbian perspectives and in her description of the project she indicates that she hopes young lesbian women will use it as a fun, straightforward guide to understanding their developing sensuality. Basically the very definition of a sex-positive project, which I am 110% for. In addition, other famous artists and sex educators are contributing to the project, including Tristan Taormino (whom I also girl-crush on). Like her previous novels, Allison is funding the project through Kickstarter.

Even if you’re not interested in reading the final product, if you support sex-positive education for people of all orientations and genders, you should totally go support this project!

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