All Creative Advice Eventually Boils Down To This

I haven’t been writing much lately. Partly it’s sheer busyness with end-of-summer weddings and events going on IRL. Partially it’s cause a story I worked really hard on wasn’t very well received, which opened up plenty of cracks for the Demons of Doubt to start attacking my subconscious.

Serendipitously, this short comic art panel came across my Facebook feed today addressing the very issues plaguing me right now. It explicitly references art and drawing, but really it’s referring to any creative process. Writing, dance, crafts…. Any person beginning a creative endeavor is eventually visited by the exact same demons. Everything that I have ever seen discussing how to combat these doldrums eventually gives the same advice: Just keep going. You only fail if you don’t try at all.

Really, the same advice could be said to apply to living life at all.

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  1. Hi Corivdae, I’ve had a couple of stories published in anthologies recently. Both of them had been trashed pretty harshly when I sent them to erwa storytime, but I submitted them anyway. Feedback can be useful, but it’s just someone’s opinion.

    • Thanks Sybil 🙂 Your encouragement does help me feel better.

    • Oh, I should also say, I sent another story to Storytime and got lots of positive feedback and almost no criticisms. When I submitted that one to the anthology I’d written it for, I got a speedy form-letter rejection. So … my feeling is, submit your stories to publishers and see what happens. You’re a really good writer, so some of them are going to get accepted. It just depends on the editors’ tastes.

      I always enjoy reading your stories!

      • Thank you 😀 I have been poking at an idea for the current Circlet Press CFS about rock and roll themed spec-fic stories. The due date isn’t until December 1st so hopefully I can scrape together enough time and motivation by then. 😉

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