Flasher – The Importance of Scheduling

A flasher is a very short story about 200 words in length. Although they are short, they are still supposed to convey some amount of character development and plot.


I walked into my boyfriend’s apartment just in time to find him balls-deep in another woman bent over the back of the couch. He leaned over her, hand buried in her hair as she arched her back like a randy cat. It’s a wonder I didn’t hear their grunts from the hall.

I checked the time. “Stacy, I thought you were supposed to have left for work by now.”  The only reply I got was the unmistakable open-mouthed cries of an orgasm. I frowned and turned to my boyfriend. “John, are we still on for dinner tonight or are you guys extending your activities into the evening?” He responded with a series of deep, heavy thrusts, pelvis slapping against her firm ass, leading to moans as he came as well.

I rolled my eyes. Animals, all of them. I went to go find them a towel.


© Corvidae 2013
All rights reserved. No part of this work may be copied or distributed without express permission of the author.

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