Passing the Shaft – Erotica Writers Baton Blog Hop

This month, many of the erotica writers in my ERWA circle are participating in something called the Baton Blog Hop, where we each write a few words about our thoughts on the writing process and then pass the chain along to other writers. I got tagged in by the excellent Sybil Rush. If you are not familiar with her, she has to say about herself:

Sybil Rush is currently a research scientist and erotica writer. However, she has been, at various times, a striptease artist, an enlisted soldier, and a midwife. Her stories can be found in Valentine’s Day (Stringybark Press), and Shameless Behavior (Go Deeper Press). She blogs at

Visit her blog to see her answers to the questions, and then check out my responses below!

1) What am I working on?

 Lately, actually, real-life space has caught up with me with a stack of other projects and responsibilities, but there’s never a time when I’m not daydreaming some new ideas for stories in my head. This March I attended the local FOGcon Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s conference where I workshopped a “mainstream” story and attended many panels about writing theory and practice. Since then I have been doing a lot of reading on theory of storycraft and considering ways in which it influences both character creation and plot.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

It’s hard to say, really, since I am still working on finding my voice. I will say that my instinct is often to add touches of humor to my stories, even especially the more serious ones–a habit I likely picked up from growing up on Terry Pratchett–which I think is notable because someone well-familiar with the genre told me recently that she feels there isn’t enough humor in erotica these days. I am also a huge proponent of sex-positivity, both in real life and in writing, and feel it’s important to include aspects of that culture in my work. I work very hard to make sure that all my characters have reasonable agency in the sexual choices they make (which is definitely a tricky line to walk when trying to make a hot BDSM scene 😉 )

3) Why do I write what I do? 

Two of my biggest loves in life are Communicating and Sex, so it only makes sense that I would enjoy sharing my deepest, darkest thoughts and stories with a wider audience. My own personal journey to sexual confidence and sophistication has been a long and bumpy road and I hope that reading my stories gives other people the joy, empowerment, and wonder that I feel when I think of them myself.

4) How does my writing process work?

Well, as I said, lately it doesn’t, but I am always looking for inspiration for new stories in the world around me, whether its from things that I read or events in real life. Sex is part of the human story (in fact, one could say, it is the very first act in every human’s story) so I feel that the best way to find ideas for a compelling sexy story is to find ideas for a good “regular” story first. Once you find that and start exploring the characters within in, the sex–as it should in real life–should come naturally.

Still looking for more sage wisdom? Then check out the next blog in the baton-toss!

Henry Corrigan started writing erotica for the same reason that gets most people into trouble; because of a girl. He started writing poetry when
he was twelve, then erotica as a teenager and a few years ago decided to turn his passion into a professional goal. By day he is a federal employee, by night a part-time graduate student. Whatever time is left over, he devotes to family and writing. His work, and the odd bit of randomness, can be found hanging in The Cave at: He can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.


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