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Elves and Djinni and BDSM, oh my….

tanivarEvery good writer has their role models–generally the more the merrier–and Reyna Todd is definitely one of mine. She is a real-life friend and successful writer across multiple genres, under a few different names. A few months ago, I did an early read of her new erotic fantasy novella, Ill Met in Tanivar: A Sinjin and Asamir Adventureavailable now from LooseId, and I am excited that others will now be able to read her lovely work.

Todd’s story was part of the inspiration for my recent post on the ERWA blog, “In Defense of Bad Sex,” discussing how less-than-perfect sex scenes might be used to deepen character development and create tension in the plot. This story is the perfect example of this, as the sexuality–both good and bad–of Todd’s characters isn’t just an entertaining set-piece, but a deeply important force that grounds them in their world and their relationships with each other.

And oh, what relationships those are…. The story revolves around an elaborate high-society masquerade ball, and the sexual proclivities of the characters are just as rich and diverse as their costumes (or, more often, their lack thereof). Todd plays around with themes of homosexuality, heterosexuality, gender bending, BDSM, trans* issues, and all topics between, and handles every one sensually and masterfully. LooseId classifies the story as “LGBTTQ,” but really, one probably should add a whole handful of letters to that to encompass the full breadth of this story.

I hope to one day tell such richly exotic erotic stories–with equal parts eroticism and story–of my own, but in the meantime, I highly recommend you check out Todd’s work!