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Guest Post – The Truth and the Taboo, by Henry Corrigan

I am excited to participate in my first ever blog article exchange! Today I have exchanged with Henry Corrigan, a fellow contributor to the ERWA, as well as an erotica blogger. I have found his articles to be as intriguing and finely-crafted as his stories, so I am proud to share some of his words with you here today!


A teenage boy has sexual fantasies about his cousin (I know this is an odd way to start, but humor me). Now, these fantasies are not only explicit, they are practically all consuming. He dreams about his cousin night and day. He imagines incredibly detailed scenarios involving positions he doesn’t know how to properly perform. Nothing matters more than to see his fantasy fulfilled.

Unfortunately for him, he has both the odds and social convention against him. He has no outlet for his urges and the pressure in his…mind, is driving him halfway up the wall.

But then one day, this frustrated hormonal teenager, goes online and stumbles across a very particular story. One that features a protagonist he can identify with. Now, he still may not be able to fulfill his fantasy, but at least the story gives him an outlet.

This is part of the nature of erotica. It knows that we all have secrets, no matter how taboo they may be. It understands that secrets need to be indulged.

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