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Winter Wrap-up

The changing of the guard has just occurred at the ERWA. I started my tenure as one of the editors for the regular galleries of published work submitted and informally-workshopped by our dear community there. This year, the group is trying something new by having galleries up for three months at a time, rather than one each month. Hopefully that means each story will get greater exposure. Check out the selections I helped curate in the 2014 Winter Gallery.

Additionally, some of my stories from this year were selected to go into the 2013 “Treasure Chest,” sort of a best-of compilation. The stories will remain posted there for as long as I wish, which means I can easily link them here. Check out my bibliography page to see new links to some of these stories!

Flasher – Holiday Surprise

A flasher is a very short story about 200 words in length. Although they are short, they are still supposed to convey some amount of character development and plot.


“Sir?” Her voice was soft, slightly quivering.

He raised an eyebrow at her over his morning paper. She stood in the kitchen, hands clasped in front of her, wearing nothing but a thong and a few fading bruises on her ass from the night before.

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